PVC Tarpaulin
PVC tarpaulin is Polyvinyl Chloride covered on both sides of high strength polyester fabric. The PVC layers on both sides make it waterproof and airtight. The polyester fabric in the middle make the tarpaulin high strength. PVC Tarpaulin is widely used to make tent, truck cover, inflatable boat, membrane structure, ventilation duct, and so on. Compared with PE tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin is strong, durable wear resistant, and flexible. Adding some chemicals, we can make the PVC tarpaulin to be fire retardant, anti static, anti fungus, and cold resistant.
PVC Fabric
PVC Fabric is a strong synthetic technical fabric that made by PVC coated or laminated on the polyester mesh. It has a various applications including awning, tent, medical mattress, flexible airduct, truck cover, and bounce house. PVC coated fabric is waterproof, airtight, durable and strong. With special treatment, we can make the fabric to be mildew proof, anti cold crack and phthalates free. Heli textile offer a wide range of weight PVC vinyl fabric from 300gsm to 1500gsm with different colors, finishes and embossments. Welcome to inquiry us.

After lacquering with acrylic or PVDF on both sides, the PVC fabric will be very smooth and easy to clean. The lifespan of the PVC coated fabric is more than 10 years, even under extreme environment in the middle east countries.

PVC coated fabric is most economical material to make inflatable bounce house and inflatable boat.

PVC coated fabric is light weight, flexible, durable and easy to welt. It is also used to make frame swimming pools.

PVC coated drop stitch fabric is a groundbreaking fabric. It is different as ordinary PVC fabric.

It can be use to make gym mattress and surfing board. Compared with traditional gym mattress and surfing board, mattress and surfing board with drop stitch fabric is much lighter and portable.

PVC tarpaulin is the best material to used to make truck cover, truck side curtain and tonneau cover.

It is UV resistant and fire retardant. Moreover, it has a long service life,our 610gsm (18oz) tarpaulin can be use for more than 5 years.

Why Choose Heli Textile?

As one of the professional tarpaulin manufacturers in China, Heli Textile covers a production area of 50,000 square meters, and now possesses 2 production lines for PVC knife-coated fabric, 2 calendar machines for PVC film, and 2 production of laminating and coating. One cutting table with size of 4 meters by 30 meters, 4 high-frequency welding machines to produce tarpaulin in all kinds of shapes according to the client's design, 300 professional workers all dedicated to making the best quality fabric, Heli PVC fabric rolls now reach the width of 5.1 m. Our quality standard to make each fabric an art never change.

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What Our Customers Think?

We have worked with Heli for 6 years. I am happy with their quality and service. We need tarpaulin to make truck cover and swimming pool cover. Their 18oz coated tarpaulin meet all of our requirements, strong, durable, anti cold crack, mildew proof and fire retardant. Every time, when order finished, their staff sent shipping sample for us to review before container loading and do the excellent paper work for us. Reliable tarps supplier!


We are a small distributor of fabric in US, we didn't have much knowledge about vinyl fabric and know nothing about process of import at the beginning. Their salesman treated us with huge patience, provide us many helpful suggestions, help us arrange to deliver containers to our warehouse, do customs clearance for us. Now, we cooperate with more than 5 years. Their vinyl fabric is super good. We get more and more customers.


We are very pleased with the product and service that we received. Before, we had bad experiences with some other tarpaulin suppliers in China. We ordered 550gsm PVC coated tarpaulin, but the other tarpaulin company provided us with only 520gsm or 530gsm, and sometimes, the tarpaulin is bad quality, it will become white after folding. Since we work with Heli, no such problem happened. They gave us enough weight and good quality tarpaulin wholesale.

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