PVC Tarpaulin & Fabric Industry

Heli provides high-quality PVC tarpaulin material & PVC fabric, which can be used in many industries including construction, outdoor recreation, sports and transportion.

PVC Tarpaulin & Fabric for Construction Industry


Heli, one of the leading providers of PVC coated fabric, supplies the most suitable material for making tent, membrane structure and awning.
PVC Tarpaulin & Fabric for Outdoor Recreation Industry

Outdoor Recreation

Heli, a leading provider of PVC coated fabric, supplies most economical material to make inflatable bounce house and inflatable boat.
PVC Tarpaulin & Fabric for Sports Industry


Heli supplies high quality PVC coated drop stitch fabric, which can be use to make gym mattress and surfing board.
PVC Tarpaulin & Fabric for Transport Industry


Heli supplies high quality PVC Tarpaulin, which is the best material to used to make truck cover, truck side curtain and tonneau cover.