PVC Fabric

What is PVC Fabric?

PVC fabric means polyvinyl chloride laminated or coated polyester fabric. PVC is also called vinyl, so many people call it vinyl fabric. PVC has stable physical and chemical properties, insoluble in water, alcohol, and gasoline. As a result, the PVC textile is not to be corroded by acid and alkali. So PVC fabric for sale has a variety of applications in different scenarios. For example, the PVC fabric material can be used to make tents, truck covers, inflatable boats, ventilation ducts, medical mattresses, and so on.

PVC Fabric Wholesale

PVC Coated Fabric

PVC coated fabric is made of 100% polyester and has the advantages of high strength and UV resistance.

PVC Laminated Fabric

Heli Textile PVC Laminated Fabric can be used in many industry.

PVC Textile Material Benefits

  • Waterproof. The PVC fabric material is 100% waterproof because of the PVC layers on both sides.       

  • Easy to weld. The melting point of PVC is 185℃, so it is easy to be welt by a high-frequency welding machine or hot air welding machine, and after welding the jointed place is still 100% waterproof.

  • Durable and long life span. PVC is strongly resistant to most chemicals, weathering, and corrosion. With a special agent add, it is also ultraviolet resistant. Therefore, the lifetime of PVC fabric for sale is 5-10 years.

PVC Fabric for sale Guiding

As one of the professional PVC fabric manufacturers in China, Heli provides high-quality PVC fabric for sale, which has the advantages of physical and chemical properties. Our PVC fabric material can be used in many industries, such as tents, truck cover, and inflatable boat making and manufacturing.

Different technology

The PVC-coated fabric material is liquid PVC paste resin coated on polyester fabric directly. PVC laminated fabric is PVC film laminated on polyester fabric at a hot temperature.

Different weight

PVC coated fabric is heavier, normally weight is from 500gsm to 1500gsm. PVC laminated fabric is lighter weight. Weight from 300gsm-600gsm.   

Different strength

PVC-coated fabric is always coated on thick woven polyester fabric. This kind of PVC textile material for sale has a better tear and tensile strength. Laminated fabric always uses lighter-weight knitting polyester fabric, therefore compared with coated PVC fabric for sale, it is a little weak.

PVC Tarpaulin & Fabric Industry

PVC tarpaulin, with its exceptional durability and resistance to environmental factors, is a preferred material in numerous industries. Its application in creating sturdy tents showcases PVC tarpaulin fabric’s ability to provide reliable shelter in outdoor settings. Truck covers crafted from PVC tarpaulin ensure the protection of goods against weather elements during transport. In the marine sector, inflatable boats made from PVC tarpaulin benefit from its waterproof and resilient characteristics, making it ideal for such applications. Furthermore, the construction of membrane structures and inflatable bounce houses also relies on the strength and versatility of PVC tarpaulin, underlining its widespread utility and importance across various domains.
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