PVC Tarpaulin

What is PVC Tarpaulin?

PVC Tarpaulin for sale is a flexible waterproof material. It is a polyester textile coated with Polyvinyl Chloride on both sides. The working temperature of PVC tarpaulin material is -30℃ to +70℃. With special treatment, some of our PVC tarpaulin wholesale can withstand -50℃. As a result, the PVC tarp material for sale can be used in most places on this planet. As one of the professional PVC tarpaulin fabric suppliers in China, Heli provides PVC tarpaulin made by Italian coating machines. Our PVC tarps for sale are durable, high-strength, and wear-resistant. According to customers' requirements, we can also make the PVC tarpaulin to be fire retardant, anti-static, and mildew proof. To know more about PVC tarpaulin material price and cost, please do not hesitate to contact Heli Textile PVC tarpaulin in China.

PVC Tarpaulin Wholesale

PVC Coated Tarpaulin

PVC Coated Tarpaulin is PVC coated on woven polyester fabric. Compared with PVC laminated tarpaulin, this kind of PVC tarpaulin for sale has high adhesion strength. Because we normally use dense and thick polyester fabric to make PVC-coated tarpaulin, it also has higher tear strength than a laminated tarpaulin. Generally, PVC-coated tarpaulin is more durable than a laminated tarpaulin.

PVC Laminated Tarpaulin

PVC laminated tarpaulin is PVC laminated on knitting polyester fabric. Compared with PVC-coated tarpaulin, this PVC tarpaulin material is always lightweight and a little lower in price. It is normally used to make small tents, tent ground sheets, small-size ventilation ducts, and so on. This PVC tarpaulin for sale also has good performance on waterproof.

PVC Tarps for Sale Features

• Water resistance: PVC tarpaulin material is designed for heavy obligation safety from rain and moisture. There are distinct sorts of PVC tarpaulins that provide various tiers of safety towards moisture with some fashions being absolutely waterproof.

• Corrosion resistance: this function determines how properly a PVC tarpaulin resists corrosion from ultra-violet rays, acids, oil, mildew, and greases. Special coatings can be utilized on the PVC tarps to provide resistance to quite a number of sorts of degradation.

• Abrasion resistance: refers to the capacity of tarpaulin PVC to face up to tearing and splitting when in use.

• Availability in a range of finishes: PVC tarpaulin is reachable in distinct varieties of weave options. These sheets can be made in accordance with the customers' specs as regards shade choice, measurement, and a range of finishes. 

• Lightweight and Portable: Despite their impressive strength, PVC tarpaulin materials are relatively lightweight. This makes them easier to handle, transport, and deploy for various applications.

• Easy to Maintain:  The smooth surface of PVC tarpaulin fabric makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Dirt, grime, and even mildew can be easily wiped away with soap and water.

• Flame Retardant Options:  For added safety in specific applications, some PVC tarpaulin fabrics are formulated with flame retardant properties, offering an extra layer of protection.

• Reusable and Recyclable:  With proper care and storage, PVC t materials can be reused for many years. Their durability allows them to withstand repeated use and provide long-lasting protection. Depending on the specific composition, some PVC tarps can be recycled. This can be a more sustainable option when considering disposal methods.

Applications of PVC Tarpaulin for Sale

  • Construction and Roofing: PVC tarpaulins are commonly used to cover scaffolding, protect building materials from weather damage, and create temporary roofing solutions. The PVC tarp material's durability and waterproof properties ensure they withstand harsh conditions.

  • Industrial Applications: PVC tarpaulins serve numerous purposes in industrial settings. These PVC tarpaulin materials can be used for covering machinery and equipment, creating temporary shelters for storage or work areas, and lining truck beds to protect cargo.

  • Event Management: PVC tarpaulins are a valuable resource for event organizers. The PVC tarpaulin material can be used to create tents, marquees, and temporary structures for concerts, festivals, and outdoor gatherings. Their flame-retardant options make them suitable for such settings.

  • Agriculture and Farming: In the agricultural sector, PVC tarpaulins protect crops and livestock from the elements. This PVC tarpaulin for sale can be used as temporary shelters for animals, covers for hay bales and machinery, and greenhouse linings.

  • Home and Leisure: PVC tarpaulins offer various applications for homes and recreational activities. This PVC tarpaulin for sale can be used as pool covers, boat covers, awnings, and temporary shelters for camping or outdoor events.

  • Signage and Advertising:  Large banners, billboards, and retractable awnings are often made from durable and weatherproof PVC tarpaulin fabric.

  • Sports and Recreation:  Sporting event covers, temporary fencing for athletic fields, and even ground covers for camping tents can be made from PVC tarpaulin fabric.

  • Storage and Protection:  Large or oddly shaped items can be protected during storage or transport using PVC tarpaulin. PVC tarpaulin is a versatile solution for a variety of needs.

Difference between PVC Coated Tarpaulin and PVC Laminated Tarpaulin

Difference between PVC Coated Tarpaulin and PVC Laminated Tarpaulin

PVC coated tarpaulin and PVC laminated tarpaulin in made by same raw material, but with different technology and different machine. Both coated tarpaulin and laminated tarpaulin use PVC for weatherproofing, but their build is different:

PVC Coated Tarpaulin

PVC-coated tarpaulin has higher strength and a long lifespan. This kind of PVC tarpaulin wholesale is normally used on heavy-duty projects.  Imagine a layer of PVC painted directly on the fabric, offering high abrasion resistance (ideal for truck beds).

PVC Laminated Tarpaulin

PVC laminated tarpaulin is always lighter weight and cheaper. Think of a PVC sheet sandwiched between two fabric layers, creating a more flexible, slightly textured tarp (perfect for awnings).

This difference in construction affects their flexibility and strength, making them suited for specific uses.

PVC Tarpaulin & Fabric Industry

PVC tarpaulin, with its exceptional durability and resistance to environmental factors, is a preferred material in numerous industries. Its application in creating sturdy tents showcases PVC tarpaulin fabric’s ability to provide reliable shelter in outdoor settings. Truck covers crafted from PVC tarpaulin ensure the protection of goods against weather elements during transport. In the marine sector, inflatable boats made from PVC tarpaulin benefit from its waterproof and resilient characteristics, making it ideal for such applications. Furthermore, the construction of membrane structures and inflatable bounce houses also relies on the strength and versatility of PVC tarpaulin, underlining its widespread utility and importance across various domains.
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