Essential Maintenance Tips for Tarpaulin for Water Storage

Tarpaulin for water storage, made of a composite of polymer waterproof breathable material and fabric, has been widely used in many fields. So, how to properly maintain tarpaulin for water storage?

Five key daily maintenance points

  • Mold can damage the waterproof layer of the tarpaulin for water storage. If you notice any mold on the tarpaulin, act quickly. Use a sponge with some mild detergent to gently clean the affected area. To maintain its waterproofing function, Users need to keep the tarpaulin clean.

  • The product manual introduces the installation steps in detail. Reading it before installing would help you save a lot of time.

  • When the tarpaulin for water storage is not in use, remember to store all parts properly. It is important not to fold them for a long period of time as this will deform the tarpaulin and thus damage its performance.

  • If the tarpaulin for water storage is dirty, the cleaning method is simple. Simply rinse gently with cold water. When cleaning, please do not use harsh chemicals or scrubbing, otherwise it will damage the surface.

  • As for storing the tarpaulin, do not place it near sharp objects. The tarpaulin may be damaged and rendered useless.

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