What Kind of Cloth is Used to Make Canopies? Which is the Best Cloth for the Awning?

The canopy is a facility that everyone is familiar with. It is commonly used in daily life. For example, a canopy will be placed at the entrance of a car repair shop, and a small canopy will be placed at the entrance of some small supermarkets. But what kind of cloth should be chosen when installing the canopy, and which kind of cloth is best used as the roof of the canopy? Today Heli Textile will tell you how to choose the material of the canopy.

1. Choose PVC coated tarpaulin for the canopy

There are many kinds of waterproof canvas materials on the market, such as PE material, PVC knife scraping cloth material, PVC plastic coated cloth material. The advantages of PE tarpaulin are anti-sun, anti-freeze, anti-aging and anti-corrosion. The tarpaulin made of PE material is relatively light and easy to fold. This advantage is very suitable for placing on the awning. It can be unfolded to cover the rain when needed, and folded when not needed. It doesn't take up space either. Besides, PVC tarpaulin, like PE tarpaulin, has the advantages of waterproof, anti-mildew and anti-aging, but unlike PE tarpaulin, PVC coated tarpaulin uses polyester canvas as the base fabric, and then coats it with polyvinyl chloride. It is made of paste resin and chemical additives such as plasticizers. The material is light and high temperature resistant. Compared with PE tarpaulin, it is not so soft, but it can also be folded and washed, and PVC is stronger and wear-resistant, so it will not be so easy to wear. worn out.

So looking at the above analysis, it is more cost-effective to choose PVC tarpaulins. This kind of tarpaulin is not transparent. Even if it does not rain, it can also be used as a sunshade tarpaulin for sun protection. There are also many colors of rainproof tarpaulin, which can not only cover the rain, but also make the canopy more beautiful, and it is also very suitable for daily use.

2. PVC coated tarpaulin: outdoor sunshade, sunscreen and waterproof fabric

First of all, since it is used as waterproof and sunscreen, its airtightness and waterproofness must be good. The more common fabrics on the market for covering sunshade include color striped cloth, PVC coated tarpaulin, knife scraping cloth wait. The color striped cloth is made by weaving process. The surface of the whole cloth has obvious holes and seams. The raw material itself has no waterproof effect and the surface is not coated with waterproof coating, so the colored striped cloth is not suitable for rainproof and waterproof. The scraper cloth is a chemical synthetic material with good ductility and strong flexibility. It is stable in nature, resistant to oxidation and acid and alkali, so the scraper cloth is suitable for cargo transportation, outdoor sunshade and waterproof. There is also the relatively common PVC-coated tarpaulin. The tarpaulin is coated with PVC paste resin on both sides to add plasticizers and other additives. It adopts heat-sealing technology, which avoids needles compared with the traditional sewing and weaving process. The disadvantage of water leakage in the hole is that the water resistance and air tightness are very good, so it can be used to prevent rain and sun.

The second point is that since it is used outdoors, these fabrics must also be able to withstand the tearing of the harsh outdoor environment, so outdoor sunshade and sunscreen fabrics must also have good tear resistance, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance. Scratch cloth, PVC coated tarpaulin, silicone tarpaulin, etc. all meet these conditions, so these fabrics can be used for outdoor sunshade, sunscreen and waterproof, and are also very suitable for covering goods in the transportation industry.