Main Applications and Benefits of Tarp PVC for Daily Life

The principle of strong waterproofness of tarpaulin

On a theoretical level, the waterproofness and breathability of fabrics are contradictory. If one type of fabric has good waterproof properties, its breathability will be poor, and vice versa. Resolving this contradiction is the key to developing tarp PVC. As we all know, the minimum diameter of water molecules is 100 microns, whereas the maximum diameter of water vapor is only 0.0004 microns. The difference between the two diameters is enormous, reaching nearly 250,000 times. Some people say that waterproofness and breathability are mutually contradictory, but it is solvable. We can make the waterproof coating of the fabric into a pore structure. If the pore size is too small, the waterproof performance is good but the breathability performance is poor; if the opposite is true, different effects are achieved.

The benefits of tarp PVC in daily life

  • Outdoor activities: suitable for picnics and outdoor activities. It can provide ideal shelter against sunlight and wind and rain during outdoor activities.

  • Covering: used to cover buildings and equipment; cover outdoor storage of goods, trucks/cars/ships, machinery covers, tents, picnic mats, pool covers, and garden furniture.

  • Storage: UV-resistant, able to protect valuable products, and protect food, cotton, fertilizers, and chemicals from moisture and heat, fully protecting the items.

  • Transportation: used to ensure that goods are not affected by wind and rain during transportation by road, rail, or ship.

Main applications of tarp PVC

  • Sun-resistant tarpaulins for livestock breeding greenhouses.

  • Environmentally friendly materials for anti-seepage projects (landfills, sewage treatment plants, river and lake embankments, municipal engineering anti-seepage, artificial lakes anti-seepage, mining, salt, etc.).

  • Cargo tarpaulins for cars, trains, and ships.

  • Anti-seepage cloth for aquaculture.

  • Covering materials for warehouses and stacked goods at railway stations, docks, and airports.

  • Used for temporary granaries and outdoor covers for various crops.

  • Materials for temporary sheds and warehouses for various construction sites, including power construction sites.

  • Tents and various machine equipment covers for camping.

People say that you get what you pay for. Of course, price is one aspect of evaluating a product, but it is not the only factor. You must see the product in person to make a judgment. Generally, the higher the density of longitude and latitude, the better the quality. The more durable it is, the finer the workmanship will be. The appearance should not be too rough. Generally, smoother materials have better quality and finer workmanship. We can touch it by hand to see if it is soft or if it feels too rough. If people feel uncomfortable placing their hands on it, it is not good enough. You must select a product that you like and that has good price and quality. In fact, the quality of tarpaulin can be calculated by the number of millimeters of water column it can bear per square centimeter. The more it can bear, the better the quality. High-quality tarpaulin can not only be waterproof but can also shade the sun. Only in this way can it meet people's daily needs.

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