Introduction and Maintenance of Tarpaulin Material

Polyester tarpaulin is a widely used product in our daily life. The fabric of tarpaulin varies and has different requirements. As for the fabric, it is mainly divided into internal fabric and bottom fabric.

Tarpaulin generally has the ability to prevent rain

In people's eyes, the ability to resist rain is generally calculated by how many millimeters of water column per square centimeter it can withstand. For example, high-quality tents can reach 3000-4000mm, which increases their level of rain resistance and allows them to withstand continuous heavy rain. The rain resistance of general tents is above 1500mm water column, which can only prevent medium to heavy rain. Although the rain resistance index of tents is relatively high, its breathability is also an important issue. This is because if it is not breathable, it will also affect the quality of the products inside the tent. Only when both targets are achieved can the quality of the product be guaranteed to be high.

Maintenance of tarpaulin

  • After using the tarpaulin, all parts must be collected and organized properly. Do not leave any parts behind, which may cause a lot of trouble when using it again and may not be able to cover items well.

  • Read the instructions carefully before installing the tarpaulin, and pay attention to details such as whether the tarpaulin is properly fastened and whether it is in the right position during the installation process.

  • When storing the tarpaulin, do not place it near sharp objects.

  • After storing for a period of time, take it out for drying to prevent bacteria from growing.

Selection of tarpaulin

First of all, we need to pay attention to its environmental performance. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their health, and not only the things used at home need to be environmentally friendly and green, but also the things used outdoors. Because they will have long-term contact with us, it is very important to choose products made of environmentally friendly materials.

Secondly, we must strictly pay attention to the performance of the tarpaulin. Basically, tarpaulin mainly has two functions, which are sunshade and rain protection. In terms of rain protection, most people can tell by testing it with water on site. For sun protection, it is best to check the corresponding UV protection factor.

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