PVC Tarpaulin Production Process and Characteristics

PVC tarpaulin has superior performance of waterproof, aging resistance, anti-static, anti-tear, etc. It is a very popular protective cloth and is widely used in many fields such as daily life and industrial production.

PVC Tarpaulin Production Process 

The PVC tarpaulin wholesale is normally produced by vertical machine, vertical machine mechanical production, the cloth is pulled straight into the raw material box and pulled out, the gum-like material glued on thatched cloth is high purity PVC material, then both sides are straightened all the time through the machine with knife scraping, after scraping with a knife through the dryer drying, cutting edge, dividing circle, packaging. There are two kinds of drying machines, one with electric firing, and one with a boiler. The vertical machine has high requirements for raw materials and must be a certain purity of raw materials to distance. Often the PVC canvas produced by the vertical machine is slightly more expensive and the purity of the tarpaulin products is high.

Characteristics of PVC Tarpaulin

Appearance: good color and luster, oily and reflective; one side is flat and smooth, and the other side has a little granular object, which means the resin component is added properly and the temperature is suitable; no pinhole, high resin density, good anti-aging, and long service life. 

Tensile strength: according to the process is different, canvas in the material ratio is excellent, so that the ability of damage to the cloth blank is small, the better the tensile strength; yarn warp and weft density is high, the stronger the tensile strength. 

Waterproof performance: 100% waterproof performance, good gum, the canvas will not have pinholes, and quality production materials. The addition of materials, how much resin composition, and high or low density, are to determine the performance of the PVC tarpaulin good or bad. 

Feel: The PVC tarpaulin fabric is soft to the touch, although it feels like the thickness is average, but the thickness has actually met the requirements, just because of the high resin composition and good processing craftsmanship, so it feels soft to the touch and does not feel rough. 

Environmental performance: PVC tarpaulin is polyester filament as the base cloth, the appearance of PVC double-sided coating, selected high-quality environmental protection resin, smooth surface, bright colors, with waterproof, fire, corrosion, mildew, cold, high temperature, UV resistance, anti-aging and other properties.