What Are the Positive Effects of Truck Tarpaulins in the Prevention of Road Traffic Accidents?

Many trucks do not pay attention to the use of tarpaulins, and traffic accidents occur in the end. So what positive effect does the tarpaulin on the truck have on preventing traffic accidents?

Heavy-duty lorry tarpaulins to prevent cargo from being spilled

In recent years, many people have found that trucks that are prone to spillage are prohibited from going on the expressway, and drivers are advised to cover the tarpaulin and tie up the goods firmly before driving on the expressway. The effect of preventing cargo spillage is obvious. The specific method is as follows:

Trucks with open compartments must be covered with tarpaulins when carrying goods. Trucks that do not use tarpaulins are prohibited from entering the expressway

Vehicles and airflow speed on the expressway are fast, and the wind resistance of the goods is large. If the trucks are not covered with heavy-duty truck tarpaulins, the goods carried are easy to be blown off, and the airflow vortex will also be generated, which will make the goods lose stability. The more serious PVC tarpaulin wholesale is, the easier it is for cargo spills to occur.

Cover the tarpaulin after binding the goods firmly, so that the goods are not exposed and all parts are not exceeding the limit

When the body is short, the excess part of the heavy-duty lorry tarpaulin can be folded and tightened diagonally, and the drooping part of the tarpaulin must not block the safety components such as reflective signs, outline lights, and tail lights. The rope should be tied outside the tarpaulin to ensure that the knot is firm and there is no slack or falling off, so as to ensure that the goods on the vehicle will not be spilt when the vehicle brakes suddenly, make a sharp turn, or bumps.

Specifications and styles of heavy-duty lorry tarpaulin

Unify the form, size, chemical composition, physical properties, functions and other specifications of truck tarpaulins and enforce them to ensure the reliability of tarpaulin quality and driving safety. Related suggestions are as follows:

Lighting tarpaulin

Spray reflective materials on the pvc truck tarps to enhance the reflectivity of the tail and side of the truck, clearly mark the outline of the truck, and improve the safety of truck traffic. The purpose and significance are similar to posting reflective signs on the body. According to the authoritative report of relevant research in the United States, the use of reflective signs on the body can reduce 41% of rear-end collision accidents and 37% of side collision accidents; if the vehicle does not have reflective signs, the probability of accidents increases by 30 times. The truck "brightening tarpaulin" also has the following important functions: First, the reflective material on the tarpaulin has good perspective in bad weather such as smog, rain, sand and dust, which can reduce the dirt or other dirt in the air. The impact on vehicle recognizability can make up for the lack of vehicle taillights, especially the lack of visibility on the side of the car body; second, under the condition of no lighting or poor lighting at night, the reflective material on the tarpaulin can improve the visibility of the vehicle at night. Recognizability, reducing collision accidents at night; third, PVC tarp roll can also make the outline of the body appear clear when the light is bright during the day, and the high-brightness reflected light reminds passing vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to avoiding; the fourth is to make up for the lack of vehicle signal lights, although the signal lights also have the ability to identify the outline of the body. However, when the vehicle breaks down, parks on the side of the road, turns off the engine, etc. without turning on the signal lights, it loses the function of marking the outline of the body, and cannot guarantee that the vehicle behind can find the parking in time, and the reflective material on the tarpaulin of the heavy truck can make up for this deficiency.

Build a mobile "tarpaulin publicity" platform

Trucks have the characteristics of a large number of vehicles, a large body area, and strong mobility. Spray traffic safety slogans on the tarpaulin of heavy-duty trucks, making the truck body a mobile traffic safety publicity platform, allowing traffic safety publicity to bloom all over the country, and achieving a good publicity effect.